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Details of train times to and from Swindon can be obtained at the First Great Western Trains website, Or by telephoning National Railway Enquiries on 08457 484950. Stanley House is best reached from the Swindon Railway Station by taxi. A taxi rank is situated directly outside the Station.

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Intruder Alarms

STANLEY Intruder Detection - Wireless Security Detection Redefined.

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It is important for your business to have reliable alarm systems to help you defend against unwanted intrusions. Our alarm detection systems secure every aspect of your business, from premises, stock and equipment to systems. Every business has different needs, which is why our alarm systems are individually tailored to provide the greatest protection.

STANLEY installs, monitors and maintains a range of alarm systems designed to deter potential intruders from your premises. As an NSI member, all our systems comply with the latest industry standards
and can be tailored to your individual needs. And because we're a NSI Gold approved organisation, we can help you meet your insurance and legislation obligations too.

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* Terms and Conditions apply. Requires 48 months monitoring contract with STANLEY Assure™. Early termination fee applies.

Video Verified Alarms

Security Cameras for Alarm Verification Installed by STANLEY Security

When an alarm event is triggered, such as a motion detector, door sensor, or glass break sensor, the highly trained professionals in our state-of-the-art 24-hour NSI Gold approved ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre (PNC) will receive an associated video clip of the activity recorded by your security cameras in order to visually confirm that an intrusion is in progress. Once an alarm is verified with the video feed from your security camera system, we will immediately alert authorities to the situation. Faster police response times, increased apprehension rates, and lower insurance premiums are all benefits your business can enjoy with our Video Verified intrusion detection systems. We can also integrate your Video Verified surveillance camera system with other security systems such as fire detection, access control, asset tracking, and more, so our team can verify, monitor, and appropriately respond to any type of security issue that threatens your business.

With video verification STANLEY is your eyes to superior electronic protection.

  • Integrated Detection and Video Technologies
  • Video Alarm Verification (VAV) and Alarm Dispatch
  • Video Monitoring
  • Online Real-time Alarm Data and Associated Video Clips
  • Lower False Alarm Rate
  • Verified Response

Full integration with STANLEY's single monitoring platform for efficient and accurate operator response and easy data and video retrieval.

  • Provide Critical Information to Responding Agencies
  • Improves Apprehension Rates
  • Pre- and Post-Alarm Images
  • Documented Events for Evidence

Other benefits of choosing a STANLEY Security Video Verified security solution include:

  • eAccountManager, which allows you to easily view your billing statements and installation documentation, request service calls for your video surveillance equipment, and gain additional insight into your account all from a single online portal
  • Professional maintenance and repair services for your security cameras, regardless of your location in UK
  • Specialised National Account support for clients with multiple locations throughout UK

For more information about adding security cameras to support video verified alarm monitoring, contact STANLEY Security today.

Intrusion eServices

Full Visibility on Your Intrusion System

Security brings user experience and business intelligence to a whole new level with its industry leading eServices platform.

With eServices, you gain complete access to your intrusion system – from managing passcards to viewing detailed open and close reports. You can even pin-point locations with high alarm activity, helping you better manage overall security across all your locations.

eServices enables a wide variety of reports, which allow you to have insight into your intrusion systems. The following table provides a brief list and description of the level of data eServices empowers you with:

All Activity Report

Creates a report that will show all alarm activity on your locations

Unscheduled Activity Report

Creates a report that allows viewing of unscheduled activity on any number of your locations or systems

Incident Report

Creates a report that allows viewing of incidents that have occurred on any number of your locations or systems

Open/Close Report

Creates a report for viewing of open and close activity (disarming & arming alarm system) any number of your locations

Not Armed Report

This report shows any systems that were not armed during a prescribed timeframe

Location Report

Creates a report of existing locations with STANLEY Security monitoring and/or managed services

Manage Locations Tags

Allows you to associate predefined tags to specific locations or groups of locations for more responsive filtering and searches

Manage Tags

Create unique tags for your site locations for quick and easy call-up based on keywords.

Call List

Creates a report that will show who will be called when a given Action Plan is used to respond to a signal from one of your accounts

Open/Close Schedules

Creates a report of your Open/Close Schedules

Action Plan Report

Creates a report that shows the details of your Action Plans

Managing your business just got easier, with feature-rich dashboards and the ability to easily access the full breadth of eServices on any mobile device. Let eServices improve your security insight, increase your productivity, and lower your operational costs.


Learn more about how eServices can provide you with real-time visibility on all your intrusion systems.

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Audio Verified Alarms

Audio Based Alarm Systems from STANLEY Security 

Provide Superior Protection for Businesses

While traditional alarm systems can be very effective, advanced Sonitrol 


audio alarm systems from STANLEY Security can provide even better protection for your business. Rather than relying on intruders to break a contact or trip motion sensors, Sonitrol systems activate whenever any unusual noises are detected within your facility. When activated, they send audio feeds to our highly trained monitoring professionals, who can verify that a break-in is in progress or determine if it’s a false alarm.

Since our audio alarm monitoring professionals will confirm an intrusion is in process before alerting authorities, police will provide a priority response to any audio verified alarm. The system is also capable of detecting the sounds of break-in attempts, so many times intruders are caught before they even make entry into the building. Once an alarm is triggered and an alarm is verified, our team can monitor the conversations and movement of trespassers, obtaining valuable information and evidence for police. Sonitrol Audio Intrusions systems are responsible for more than 170,000 apprehensions, so you can rest assured this effective system can help protect what’s important to you.

volumetric protection

STANLEY is the only European company that can provide award-winning Sonitrol audio verified technology. Sonitrol operators verify alarms, call police and stay in contact to provide real-time intelligence.

  • Volumetric Coverage - floor to ceiling, wall to wall protection
  • 20% of Apprehensions are Made Prior to Entry
  • Audio Impact Technology
  • Access Control Integration

STANLEY Security can also install and monitor many other security systems in addition to your audio alarm, including:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Critical condition sensors
  • Fire detectors and sprinklers
  • Access control systems

All monitoring is done through our state-of-the-art 24-hour NSI Gold approved ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre (PNC), which is staffed 24/7/365 by a team that’s thoroughly trained in identifying, monitoring, and responding to our clients’ security threats. We also have skilled security system technicians located all across UK, who can install and service your Sonitrol alarm, in addition to other video surveillance, access control, and more.

To learn more about our Sonitrol audio verified alarm solutions, contact STANLEY Security today.

Pacom Systems

Pacom Systems is a global leader in integrated security solutions that communicate over a customer's existing IP network within a wide range of different verticals.

Pacom Unison

Pacom Unison is designed to provide easy management of alarm systems for all kinds of businesses. This makes Unison a suitable solution for organisations and customers with high demands on flexibility and ease of use.

Unison has been specifically designed to provide an effective and timely response to alarms and events as they occur anywhere, anytime and from any sub-system.

When an alarm is triggered, the Unison software will indicate where the alarm originated. Alarms can be displayed on interactive floor plans and audible signals can be generated at the workstation to uniquely identify the type of alarm via multi-media.

Unison provides all the tools necessary to react and respond including alarm instructions to assist in handling alarms in a uniform manner.

It is possible for the user to reset the device which initiated the alarm as well as perform a wide variety of other remote functions. The user friendly functions of the system, efficient bulk programming and the powerful overview makes administration easy and saves time.

The graphical user interface, including dynamic display of alarm points, considerably simplifies management. By taking advantage of the intelligent linking function in Unison users can easily link an object in the system with a point on the map.


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