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Rail and Public Transport

Details of train times to and from Swindon can be obtained at the First Great Western Trains website, Or by telephoning National Railway Enquiries on 08457 484950. Stanley House is best reached from the Swindon Railway Station by taxi. A taxi rank is situated directly outside the Station.

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Paging Systems Staff Protection

STANLEY Healthcare Radio Paging Systems

There are a number of different pagers options available and we can work with you to determine the most suitable pager depending on the function of the user.

Key Features of the STANLEY Radio Paging System

  • Complete multi-site integration supporting VoIP connectivity so that multiple sites are connected and can send/receive data and speech calls (cost effective alternative to traditional Megastream or Lease Lines)
  • Supports Call Confirmation Paging so that responses (ACKNOWLEDGED or REJECTED) can be sent back to the call originator.
  • Supports "failsafe" technology which monitors the Server software packages and switches between main and standby servers in the unlikely event of system malfunction. This results in no down time for the system. As it switches over an alert is triggered to announce a system changeover has occurred
  • Timed transfers are supported. Therefore if a Clinician is away for a week, the administrator can select a start and end date for that particular pager transfer. For Example; annual leave for a pager holder can be programmed into the software so that calls/messages to that pager are diverted to another user whilst they are away. Once the period has concluded the system will automatically revert back to normal
  • Email/SMS alarms are supported (such as Transmitter failure alarms).
  • Unicare supports remote access via ADSL, IP and PSTN. This allows Stanley engineers to view the system remotely for quicker analysis. This can also be useful for supporting Hospitals with system updates or re-programming requirements
  • STANLEY Paging solutions support the platform for messaging over Wi-Fi. A range of Android smart devices are fully compatible for speech and text messaging
  • Multi-user operation. Separate operators consoles to initiate paging calls (Emergency or non- emergency)
  • Centralised Database (PAT) – therefore, historically, if a new pager is added on a multi-site system, all individual servers need manually updating. With the central database, all setup is on a single server connected to the paging network

Aquarius Pager

Aquarius - One Way Speech Pager with Data MessagingAquarius Pagers Communications

Most commonly used for Emergency teams such as cardiac, trauma, major incident etc. Speech paging calls are initiated from ANY of the operator's consoles to any individual or group of pagers. There is no limit to the number of groups on a paging system and no limit to the number of users in any one group. Any pager can be in up to 10 groups which would include all the emergency Paediatrics, Surgical groups and Trauma etc.

The Aquarius pager will also receive data messages up to 40 characters. These would normally be simple messages sent from the telephone e.g. "EXT12345"

If third party integration is used, messages from the fire alarm or nurse call system call also be displayed.

Pace-Pro Pager

Pace-Pro Call Confirmation Pager

PacePro Pager CommunicationsAs similar to the Aquarius pager version; the Pace-Pro pager receives emergency speech and data messaging. In addition to this, Pace-Pro has a unique Call-Confirmation button which signals call acknowledgement messages (and reject if enabled) back to call operator to provide reassurance that the message has been received and who is responding.




  • New style, new look design
  • Fully backward compatible with the existing Aquarius range
  • Bright OLED Top Display – with new LARGE scrolling text
  • Optional Front Display – with word-wrapping feature
  • Rechargeable ONLY (Battery life approx. 16 hours on single charge)
  • PC based pager programming via USB
  • Call Confirmation option with Red confirm button and optional softkey to send a reject message
  • Ability to transmit Lone-Worker duress alarms– either alarm button or man-down (Tilt alarm)

 PacePro Pager Charging Rack Communications


 PacePro Pager Covers Communications 2PacePro Pager with cover Communications


Protective Cases available – Leather pouch and coloured Silicon "skin" styles.


Call Confirmation 2-way Paging

Call Confirmation 2-way Paging

Cardiac speech messages are acknowledged by the crash call user Call Confirmation 2 way Pager Communicationsby pressing the ACK button on the Pager. As the call is being initiated the members of the crash group is displayed on a large screen in switchboard and as the user 'confirms' a green tick appears. If they 'reject' they have a red cross and if there is no response there is no change. This allows switchboard to assess whether they have a sufficient response to a crash call event. If need be they can escalate the call to a further group. This is a particularly useful system if the switchboard is sending to a remote site, they know that the call has been sent and received.



i-Workforce Smartphone Messaging over Wi-Fi

STANLEY iWorkforce Mobile PhoneWith the widespread adoption of WiFi technology into hospitals for a number of purposes the STANLEY Paging platform provides the interface for enhanced voice and data messaging. Rather than being limited to traditional paging technologies, i-Workforce is able to send and receive messages from Wi-Fi enabled devices on a common LAN-based messaging platform.

As many of us carry a Wi-Fi enabled Smartphones; we acknowledge that these phones will be the future of general communication devices within hospitals. With 3G, 4G, GSM and WiFi the user has complete coverage and messaging flexibility no matter where they are.


More than a Bleep.....

  • Continue to use the paging system in the same way for sending group voice messages and messages sent from the telephone system.
  • Introduce a gradual migration of non-speech and speech pagers to 2-way VoIP smart devices utilising the Hospitals Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.
  • Introduce Call Confirmation responses back to Switchboard using the CONFIRM button on your Smartphone
    • Therefore having full visibility that message alerts have been received and responded to.
  • Use the Pager messaging App to contact colleagues by TEXT or CHAT
  • Enhanced Call Logging facilities such as "message received" and "message read" notifications
  • Share the Pager Smartphones with individual logins for assignment to clinical groups and personal address book
  • Utilise the Pager Smartphone as a back-up to the existing overhead Paging System
  • Additional user functionality available such as Task allocation messaging and patient flow control along with location tracking of the Hospital's most valuable assets

Enhancing Communications in Healthcare with i-Workforce

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